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My Journey….

Starting at age sixteen, I worked on stage, film, radio, street theater, and modeling.  It should come as no surprise that as a young man it was my dream to be a working professional actor. After a stint in the military, I focused on a successful career as a media relations executive for a number of large organizations, then operating my own Senior Executive Communication Consultancy, and finally serving as Vice President of a Community College.


In mid-2016, I came to Chicago. Our only daughter had married and moved here.  My wife told me that we were not retiring to a beach somewhere, but we were going to Chicago because our daughter was about to make us grandparents.  Great! 


In December 2016, I became active in the City’s thriving acting community by working as a background artist and stand-in on the then four Dick Wolf Chicago-based TV shows, Fox-TV’s "Empire," and the motion pictures "Captive State" and "Canal Street" as well as a few industrials.


In May 2017, I was cast in Netflix’s Easy, working with Joe Swanberg, where I earned my SAG/AFTRA card – a lifelong dream.  Since joining, I have worked on Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, numerous  films, the SAG-AFTRA Senior Radio Players, and the “At The Table” staged readings of completed films seeking collaborators and investors.  In January 2019, I joined Actors’ Equity Association (AEA).


As we all do to hone our skills, I have attended acting classes at Players Workshop, Acting Studio Chicago, Second City Training Center, Blue Door Collective, and The Green Room Studio.  I have been delighted to have learned so much from such talented creative individuals as David Murphy, Sarah Clark, Steven Ivcich, Kurt Naebig, Cathy Reinking, and Janelle Snow.  I feel invigorated and empowered thanks to them and can’t wait until my next class, my next audition, and my next casting!


William C. Thompson / SAG-AFTRA, AEA

The Rock Agency,, 312-741-3883

Film / TV_/ Web 

Chicago PD Ep. 906                Co-Star            NBC Universal             Marc Raskin

The Christmas Pitch                Supporting      Questar, Inc.                Layne Marie Williamson

Chicago Fire Ep. 604               Co-Star            NBC Universal             Reza Tabrizi

Easy Ep. 207                             Featured          Netflix                          Joe Swanberg

For Prophet                              Supporting      FPF, LLC.                      Martin Stewart Iverson

Ragu.                                        Principal.          Danny Carroll Prod.     Danny Carroll

The Giver.                                 Principal.          DePaul University.       Emily Schumann

Heroes & Villains.                    Principal.          Caleb Wayne Prod.     Cornell Ousley

Matched                                   Principal           Northwestern Univ.     Caleb Negussie

Medication                               Featured          Columbia College       Jose Mutarelli

What's Underneath                  Featured          Flashpoint College     Carter McCall

It's Not About the Lemons     Supporting       DePaul University        Caitlin Presberg

Dead in Blues                           Featured          Flashpoint College      Austin Guth

Goodbye                                  Supporting       Columbia College       Jonathan Munoz

Scarf                                          Principal           Columbia College        Xuhui Tang

Yellow Kite                                Principal           DePaul University         Yu Wei Chang

Male Doctors & My Anatomy Principal           Columbia College        Sky McGilligan

Eutha-Nation                            Principal          Columbia College         Mason Packer

Oldtimer                                   Lead                 Flashpoint College       Ariel Baez-Acevedo

Moon Miner                             Lead                 Columbia College         Christopher Rohrbeck

Allie’s Out                                 Principal           DePaul University          Akil Buggs

Marked                                     Principal           Columbia College         Chelsea Rowan

Trust The Will                           Principal           Flashpoint College        Wm. Welch-King

Crucifix                                     Lead                 Columbia College          Xuhui Tang

Carl Bixby II                              Lead                 Star Productions            Mike Bailey

To Be A Doctor                        Lead                 Buttonwood Studios     SKF Philadelphia, PA

Urban Lab                                Host                  Group W                        KYW-TV Philadelphia, PA

Betty Hughes Show                Supporting       CBS                                WCAU-TV Philadelphia, PA



Othello Redux.                                                     Iago.                  Theater Wit, Devin Christor, Dir.

Tomato Tattoo                                                      Richard              Theater Wit, Devlin Christor-Dir

PDF Preferred                                                       Bryan                 Theater Wit, Brooke Erin-Smith-Dir

Borstal Boy                                                            Older Behan     SH Playhouse, Jay Kogan-Dir               

Wait Until Dark                                                      Roat                   Cheltenham PH, Doris Jacobson-Dir

The Plough & The Stars                                       Jack Clitheroe   Annenberg Theatre

The Mousetrap                                                     Chris. Wren        Plays and Players


Staged Readings & Other Work

Kirkland & Ellis Mock Trial                                    Various roles       KITA Attorneys

Loyola Law School Mock Trial                              Various roles       Loyola Law Students

Hitch Slapped                                                        Various roles      Monica Zaffarano-Director

Plain Jane                                                               Various roles      Jacquelyn Jamjoom-Director

The Philadelphia Story                                          Dexter Haven    Robert Maher-Director

Escape: A Shipment of Mute Fate                       Captain Wood   Martin Halacy-Director

Easy Aces                                                               Various roles       Guy Barile-Director

Escape: Evening Primrose                                    Charles Snell       Brigid Duffy-Director

Commercial / Industrial

Home Instead                                                       Supporting        Energy BBDO, Chicago, IL

Outcome Health Digital Wallboard                    Supporting        Tandem, Chicago, IL

New Ocean                                                           Supporting        One Optimus/Golin, Chicago, IL

A Year in Review (14 years)                                  Host                    Client Production, Blackwood, NJ

Robbins 8th & Walnut                                          Voice Over         JRA Production, Philadelphia, PA

Training & Education

Shakespeare Audition Workshop                       Bob Mason.                                        Chicago, IL

Improvisation                                                        David Murphy                                    Chicago, IL

Monologue                                                            Kurt Naebig                                       Chicago, IL

Master Class - Audition Intensive                        Cathy Reinking, CSA                         Atlanta, GA                            

On Camera 3                                                         Janelle Snow                                      Chicago, IL

Audition for Film & TV                                          Sarah Cayce, CSA                              Chicago, IL

Second City Improv for Actors 1 & 2                   Julia DiFerdinado / Seth Thomas     Chicago, IL

Professional Program 1 & 2                                  Steven Ivcich                                       Chicago, IL

Academy of Theatre & Acting                              Paul Thomas                                       Philadelphia, PA

Annenberg School of Communications U of P   Master of Arts                                     Philadelphia, PA            

Skills & Other

Dialects: (Irish, New York, Jewish, Yankee, Southern) ~ valid driver’s license, & US passport

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